Scientific-Divine Voidness

The most important art is that which celebrates the Being of God

New trend in art

Fundamental principle

“Scientific-Divine voidness” is a new trend in art, based on the Rose of the World philosophical meta-concept.
This philosophy affirms monotheism as the basic principle of the structure of the universe, as well as the equivalence of the major world religions and science to Truth.

Classical art assumes that the author shows one aspect of existence in his painting (depending on religion, worldview and his own choice).
In Scientific-Divine voidness painting one canvas accommodates five views of being.

The fundamental principle of the Scientific-Divine voidness art - one canvas accommodates five views of being on the part of the four world's major religions and Science.

Specific features

The Scientific-Divine voidness art translates five themes through one painting at once. The four different positions of the canvas give four perceptions from the perspective of religions- Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Indo-Aryan beliefs. The fifth position of the painting is defined by the author and reflects view from the side of science.

This also applies to paintings that are not meant to be viewed in five different positions. Being in the same position, these paintings have five different meanings and five different titles. This way, one painting has five meanings, interconnected by the vision of the artist - its author.
Today become is a new era in art - the Age of Providential Forces.
This art is new in everything - styles, genres, forms - different in execution, but unified in meaning.
It is the unity of the latest discoveries in science and knowledge of the divine arrangement of the world.
For the first time in history, this art answers the questions of Genesis without opposing.
This art is demanded by new people on their way to Truth.
It is Essential, Integral, and Beautiful art!
It is the art of the new age.


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